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Report a Claim

NAIFA Claim or Incident Reporting Form


Lancer Claims Services has been selected as the claims administrator for the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors endorsed professional liability program.

  1. Questions regarding reporting a claim, potential claim or for help in determining if you need to report a circumstance, please contact:

    Lancer Claims Services
    Toll Free Phone: (800) 821-0540
    FAX: (714) 978-8023

  2. When an insured is aware of circumstances which may lead to a claim being made, or as soon as an actual claim is made, it is important that you notify Lancer Claims Services immediately. Please note that in litigated matters there may be a response time predetermined by a court.

    In the event suit is brought against you:
    1. Immediately (within 24 hours upon being served with a summons and complaint) notify Lancer Claims Services by telephone of the circumstances.
    2. Immediately forward by priority mail or fax copies of any written demand, notice, summons or other process you have received to:

      Lancer Claims Services
      681 South Parker, Suite 300
      Orange, California 92868
      The fax number is (714) 978-8023

    3. Do not engage your own attorney without specific authorization from Lancer Claims Services
    4. Do not make any admission of liability, assume any obligation, make any payment, incur any expenses or agree to arbitration without the consent of Lancer Claims Services.
    5. As soon as practicable thereafter, send any other information that may be requested by Lancer Claims Services to the above addresses.
  3. There is certain information that should be developed in order for Lancer Claims Services to evaluate the claim made against you. You should prepare a file containing the information listed below. If some of the data is not immediately available do not hold up your call to Lancer Claims Services. Continue to develop the additional data needed to be forwarded to Lancer Claims Services.

    Please have the following information available when you place your call to Lancer Claims Services.
    1. Your full name
    2. Your Agency name if applicable
    3. Claimant's name, address and phone number
    4. The name of the attorney if the claimant is represented and contact information
    5. Summons and Complaint information, if applicable, such as:
    6. Date received
    7. Method received - by mail or in person
    8. Amount claimant is seeking
    9. Provide information regarding the type of transaction which gave rise to the claim
    10. Provide information regarding the alleged error or omission you made which led to the claim or potential claim
    11. Give the Claims Technician an outline of events that led up to this claim (e.g., nature of the service you provided or allegedly failed to provide; date you initially discussed the service with the customer; contents of the application taken; whether a deposit was taken; any correspondence you have in your possession chronologically dated for sequential events that took place).
    12. Be prepared to photocopy all of your file documents and send to Lancer Claims Services within 24 hours.
  4. In every case, once the situation has been identified as an errors and omissions claim, great care should be exercised to avoid any disclosures or discussions of any facts or information relating to the claim with anyone other than CalSurance, Lancer Claims Services, Aspen Specialty Insurance Company or a designated representative appointed to handle your claim.
  1. Please remember that a claim does not need to be valid to be made against you. Very frequently claims without merit are prosecuted. Since these claims require a defense, you should be prepared to report them to Lancer Claims Services as soon as you become aware of circumstances which lead you to believe that there will be a claim made against you. You need not wait until the claim is actually made; under the Notice Provision, the Policy does permit you to report a potential claim.